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Power is out what about my electric dog fence?

Many concerned pet owners dread power outages and fear that if their electric dog fence loses power it will fail and their dog will quickly run down the street.

Electric dog fences provide excellent security in case of an outage.

There are three things that ensure your electric dog fence will stay secure during any event:

  • The first is the fact that lifetime containment systems come fully equipped with a battery backup that utilizes user replaceable AA batteries.

  • The second is that although dogs are very clever, they often do not realize there has been a power outage and will not think to test the boundary.

  • The third is that proper and complete training on where the boundary is should ensure that the dog will not attempt to cross the boundary.

The battery backup ensures that if the you lose power your dog will stay safely contained. This backup should keep your dog safe and if the power remains out for several days you just need to replace the batteries when they run out. This means you can keep the system working as usual indefinitely as long as you have enough batteries.

In general, the power goes out during storms or other natural events when your dog will most likely not be outdoors anyway. If they are out during a power outage they probably won’t think to test the boundary.

Proper and complete training teaches your dog that the boundary area is a place they do not want to go. If a power outage happens, they most likely won’t attempt to make a break for it because of corrections they received in the past. Unless your dog regularly challenges the boundary of their yard, the training should ensure their safety.

We hope that these the battery backups and training an electric dog fence offers will provide some peace of mind to dog owners.