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Hidden Dog Fence East Greenwich RI


Hi, we’re the DeNobles. I’m Diane, this is Dave, and this is Rocky and Buddy. We decided to get electronic fencing a few years ago after we had a very sad outcome with a dog that went through the fence and got hit by a car.

So we decided to get Contain My Dog Contain and Train and it’s worked wonderfully. We have no stress, no worry. They’re able to run around freely and have a good time, and we don’t ever worry that they’ve taken off after wildlife or another dog.


They’re at the point now where, I mean we put their collars on all the time, but they know their barriers by the foot, by the inch.
Dianne: By the inch.


Just how far they can go. There’s been deer behind the house. There’s been coyote behind the house. They won’t break the fence when they see them.
Dianne: They don’t. We would recommend it. We have recommended it to friends and family. One of the nicest things is that our family members are able to come over, and if they have the same fencing, they join with us and drop the dog off and their dog is safe and happy, too.


I would highly recommend Contain My Dog Electronic Fence. If you love your animal, if you love your dog, you should have one installed. It keeps them out of the street and keeps them out harm’s way.

Dog Fence Success in Johnston RI


Hi, my name is Valerie [Jacovone 00:00:04]. We’re here today to share with you why we love Contain My Dog. It was a major decision trying to provide safety for our dog, that was the main issue here. We had finished renovating our house and our yard and we wanted to be able to have our pet enjoy it like we do, so we decided on Contain My Dog and we absolutely love it. It’s the best investment that we’ve made regarding our yard and our family dog, Maya. Not once to we worry about her safety. People walking by, dogs in the neighborhood. Not once has she escaped. It’s 100% sound investment. We love Contain My Dog mainly because Maya is able to stay out in the yard, see neighbors, run around, stay healthy, get exercise without a worry in the world.

I would definitely recommend Contain My Dog for you and your family. It is a major decision like it was in ours, but it’s the best decision we’ve made.


Dog Fence Attleboro MA

My name is [Chris McKinley 00:00:10]. I have two dogs, a Golden Retriever, Hubble; and Parker, a Labrador Retriever. I was concerned about my dogs getting out past the woods and my backyard and going out. There’s about five miles of woods behind my house, and I was very concerned that they would walk into the woods, never to be found again.

Since I got the Contain My Dog installed, I’ve had zero issues with the dogs leaving the property. I can let them outside to do their business unattended with me just keeping an eye. But since the training, they never go over the line and they’re always safe and secure within the yard.

I would highly recommend Contain My Dog’s fence. A, it’s a safety measure to make sure your dogs stay out of traffic. B, it keeps them in a confined area and always within arm’s reach, and you set the guidelines, so you can draw a map of where they’re allowed to be.