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German Shorthaired

Just a quick note to thank you and tell you how satisfied we are with our decision to go with Contain My Dog Contain & Train underground dog fencing. You did an awesome job with ourselves and Jake. We now understand that just getting underground dog fencing without the in depth training that you provide, would not have been wise. This has been the best investment we have made for the protection of our beloved Jake.


…My husband & I love the electronic fence for our dog, Sky. Our last dog had a cable run and we felt bad having her tied up all the time. It is great knowing that an open door is not an invitation to run away for Sky; she loves to just wander around the yard checking everything out. We should have done this years ago.


Steve, The containment fence system has given our family peace of mind when Theo goes outside to rest and play. He has adjusted well and has become very familiar with his safe containment boundaries. Not only does the family let him in and out with confidence that he will safely remain in the yard, we are comfortable with him opening the front door on his own to let himself out. You have been very helpful and responsive to our needs and have provided us with a cost effective way to safe guard our dog. Thank you!