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Wood fence, Electric Dog Fence, or both?

Electric Dog Fence plus a wood or chain link fence?

You have a wooden, vinyl or chain link fence in your yard and your dog finds a way over, digs under or escapes through an unsecured gate. Can the Electric Dog Fence be used with a physical fence and  keep a dog from escaping?


“I have a wooden fence in my backyard. Can I just have the electric dog fence installed in the front of the house?” is a question we hear  frequently.

Many pet owners install a traditional wooden fence in their yard, both to make their property look nice and to contain their canine companion … only to find that their dog is resourceful and is able to maneuver around this physical boundary and escape either through or under the wooden fence or out an unlocked, or unsecured gate. While you may want to install an EDF in your front yard only, the system works best when you fully surround your property, for a couple reasons.

Price- First, it typically doesn’t cost anything extra to do front and back yards. (Really)

The Electric Dog Fence will form a backup for your traditional fence in that part of the yard. Installing the electric dog fence (EDF) in conjunction with its wooden counterpart will ensure your pet does not even consider trying to sneak out of the back yard through that loose slat, unsecured gate or gap between the fence and ground!

In the rest of the yard  your dog will learn (and with proper and complete training) where the perimeter of the yard is and stay inside that area.

There is also another reason why we encircle your house with the Electric Dog Fence; functionality. In order to keep your pet safe, the Electric Dog Fence needs to make a full circuit in order to work correctly and effectively. (Think of a single wire connected to itself – this is a “full circuit.”) The best way to form a full circuit is to encompass the yard with the house inside the ‘circut’.

More of a visual person? See the most common yard configurations for the Electric Dog Fence HERE