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Electric Dog Fence- A DIY Project You Shouldn’t Do

Today the trend is towards do-it-yourself projects around the home.  This is a great notion and for many projects it is perfectly feasible in order for homeowners to save money.  One project that do-it-yourself is a very bad idea is a Do it yourself Electric Dog Fence.  You might be wondering why it is so harmful to install an Electric Dog Fence on your own.

Let us count the ways.

  1. Chances are when you purchase a Pet Containment Fence; you are hoping that it is for the long term.  To make those hopes a reality, it pays to use Contain My Dog Contain and Train.  You really do not need any words – once you see the difference between the sizes of the cable that the do-it-yourself kit provides you with the size of the cable that Contain My Dog will provide you with.  The cable is the lifeline of your containment system.  If the cable stops working due to bad weather or break or even a nick in the insulation – your pet fence is rendered useless and your dog’s safety is at risk.  A Contain My Dog cable isFrustrated Installing Electric Dog Fence guaranteed for life, ensuring that you always have a working system and a safe dog.
  2. If you choose to install the Pet Containment Fence yourself, you have a lot of yard work ahead of you.  The cable needs to be buried underneath the ground which means digging up your yard, installing the cable and then repairing your lawn.  When you allow Contain My Dog to install your cables, there will be virtually no evidence of an installation, thanks to our low impact installation process.  It will look as if we were never there.
  3. Along with the proper cable, training is just as important to success of your Pet Containment Fence MA.  When you purchase your Electric Dog Fence from Contain My Dog, you can receive professional training from the professionals that really know dogs and dog fences.  We will show you exactly how to make sure that your dog is properly trained and how to continue that success well into the future.  Training for an Electric Dog Fence is a lifelong commitment, that Contain My Dog will happily show you so that you can be successful.
  4. If you are the type that needs control over an installation at your home – the good news is you still can even when you allow Contain My Dog to install your Pet Containment Fence.  You will walk the yard with your professional installer to determine the exact boundaries you want to set as well as any no-go areas for your dog such as flower beds or gardens – giving you some control over your installation.
  5. When you compare the benefits of do-it-yourself containment systems to the Contain My Dog lifetime guarantee on your Pet Containment Fence in Massachusetts, RI, and CT, as well as the training of your dog, you will realize there is no comparison.  Nothing can compare to a lifetime guarantee.

For more information on how professional installation of the Electric Dog Fence in Massachusetts can benefit your home, contact the professionals that have installed hundreds of Pet Containment Fences by clicking HERE or by calling them direct at 508-404-3647 in MA, 401-942-3647 in RI or 866-364-8724 in CT.

Electric, Hidden Dog Fence- What You Don’t See IS Most Important

It’s what you don’t see that’s most important with an Electronic Dog Fence

A car without a good engine won’t last long and won’t get you were you want without considerable headaches. Likewise, an Electric dog fence containment system won’t be dependable without a few key ingredients. Those key ingredients are not what most people think.

The Electric or underground dog fence system is made up of: A radio transmitter that sends the signal, a special receiver collar that the dog wears, the underground perimeter wire, boundary flags and training.

Everything mentioned is necessary for an electric dog fence containment system. Though people often focus on the transmitter and the containment collar in their comparison efforts. These are important. They also are the most easily replaced aspects of a system.

The real question is what parts are most important? Which parts Must you get right from the beginning? And which parts will give you a really big headache if you have to replace them?

The training and the underground wire or cable are the two most under looked critical parts of a successful containment system.


First, proper containment training is more, much more that simply ‘showing the dog the boundary flags’. unfortunately dogs are not like children or adults for that matter we can’t just ‘show them the boundaries’ a few times and expect them to not only respect them but to understand the hidden boundary concept. Proper training, not just exposure to the boundary flags, takes two things to be successful long term; introducing proper distractions (people walking by, other dogs, cars coming and going and more) and, time. More on proper training here.Dog Fence Wire Heavy Duty

The second most important and most often overlooked component is the proper containment wire cable. unfortunately most ‘kit systems’ sold in stores and on Amazon and at other stores have dangerously small wire that can be easily nicked and damaged just by the act of putting it in the ground. As soon as this thin containment wire contacts a rock it can damage the thin outer casing exposing it to water. Then its just a matter of time. Even some ‘professional’ installers use sub-optimal wire. This is an unwise practice and can leave the homeowner with problems not so far down the road. Insist on at least 45 mil cable housing on a 14 or 16 gauge wire. This ensures most protection. Besides all it can take is a hit from a shovel or landscaping person to damage a too thin wire. Bigger really is better. More peace of mind and less headaches in real life situations.


Keeping your dog in your yard.

After you have made the decision to contain your dog in your yard with the Hidden® electric type dog fence the next step is to decide exactly where in the yard you want your dog to be able to go and where you want to keep him out of. In this post we will go over the two most popular types of configurations for the electronic dog fence. In future posts we will present additional containment configurations as well.

First: The one “Must” when designing or configuring a containment area for your dog is to realize that the area you want to contain your dog must be bound by a continuous  wire referred to as a ‘loop’. In other words the wire must start and end in the same place.

Clients often ask what is the best configuration. That really depends on you, your desires of where you want your dog to have access  to, where you want to limit his access in your yard. For example you might want him to stay out of the vegetable or flower garden, or you might want to keep him out of the pool area or you might want  to significantly limit his access to the driveway because she is a small dog and you want drivers who come into your driveway to have plenty of time to see your dog and therefore want to limit your dog to only a small part of the driveway nearest the house.

So here is the most generous containment option for the dog it is referred to as a Full Loop. This configuration keep the dog from neighbors and the street and contains the dog to essentially the whole yard.



The other most common configuration set up for the underground dog fence is called the split-yard configuration. The split-yard is typically configured when you want your dog to be in one area most of the time- For example the back yard. Those who choose this configuration typically say they want their dog in the back yard and don’t want him in the front unless they specifically let him there. This configuration provides a dog area and a mostly dog free area. That is unless he is specifically let out into the front yard.