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Hidden Dog Fence- Will My Pet Get a Warning Beep Before He Gets a Shock?

Containment Flags

K9 Contain My Dog Containment Flags

One of the most common questions people ask about the electric dog fence is: “Will my dog receive a warning beep with the hidden dog fence collar before getting a shock at the boundary area.”

The answer to this is “yes.” Here’s how electric dog fences work:

  • A wire is buried a few inches below ground at the edge of the yard to create a boundary.
  • A transmitter is installed somewhere in your home- this powers the system.
  • Flags are placed just inside the shock area as the first warning for the dog- they give a visual indicating where the boundary is located.
  • As the dog approaches the underground wire, he will first see the flags marking the edge…
  • Once passed the flags, he will receive a series of beeps that last for approximately 3 seconds before receiving a shock.

The wire buried in the yard outlines his boundary. When he approaches the boundary the wire gives off a signal that will make the collar beep then shock your pet if he crosses it. The flags mark the inside edge of the shock area, in which the dog receives the beeps and shocks. As your dog gets near the edge of the yard, he will pass the flags and then hear a series of beeps from his collar before getting a shock.

Through training, your dog will learn that the flags, beeps, and shock work together to show him where the boundary is located.

The containment flags will signal your dog that he is at the edge of his safe area. Once past the flags he will hear the collar beep, which alerts him that he is about to receive a correction or shock.  Proper and complete training teaches your dog that being in the yard is fun and safe and going past the boundary makes him uncomfortable.

How the Pet Fence Helped Keep Wrigley Safe

Wrigley is a dog that loves to run, jump and play.  Always up to mischief – he has learned some very troublesome little tricks at home that have definitely put his life in danger.  One such trick is learning how to nudge the storm door at his home open if he worked hard enough.  This went on for months; Wrigley would nudge the storm door open when one of the kidsRI underground dog fence accidentally left the main door open or a guest left the house that did not know of Wrigley’s habits.  Wrigley would nudge it open and roam the neighborhood.  Luckily he always made it back home safe thanks to his diligent owners roaming the neighborhood night after night for him.  Enough was enough however, and they finally decided to contact Contain My Dog to inquire about a Pet Fence in Rhode Island.

Explaining the Pet Fence to Wrigley’s Owners

A professional came out to Wrigley’s home to talk about the benefits of the Pet Fence with his owners.  The benefits that were discussed included the aesthetically pleasing look of the Hidden Pet Fence since there are no barriers to interrupt the gorgeous flow of the landscaping Wrigley’s dad had worked hard on for many years.  It was explained that the Pet Fence would be buried underground with the heavy duty Contain My Dog cable that would serve as the heart and soul of the Pet Fence.  There would also be a transmitter that the installer would make Wrigley’s parents aware of its location.  Wrigley would be fitted with a collar that would mildly shock him if he crossed the boundaries that his parents decided to set.  Wrigley’s owners were also informed of the lifetime guarantee that Contain My Dog provides all its Pet Fence system.  It all sounded great to Wrigley’s owners so they went ahead with installation.

How the Pet Fence has Helped Wrigley

After the professional installation, the installer put flags around the yard to mark the boundaries that Wrigley was not supposed to cross.  This served as the visual aid for Wrigley and was his first warning of where he should not cross.  As Wrigley inched closer to the boundary he was warned again with a loud beep from his collar.  As Wrigley continued across the boundary he was mildly shocked – the same shock you feel when you touch a door knob after walking on the carpet.  While this was happening, Wrigley was being trained.  The 9 Pillars of Training that Contain My Dog provides dogs helped Wrigley to understand his boundaries and after 2 weeks he was running freely through the yard.  There was no more worry about Wrigley nudging the door open because his owners always kept his containment collar on and Wrigley knew his boundaries.  Today Wrigley runs free through the yard, happily opens the front door and is a happy and most importantly safe dog thanks to the Contain My Dog Pet Fence in Rhode Island.

For more information on how professional installation of the Pet Fence in RI is beneficial for your home, contact the professionals that have installed hundreds of Underground Dog Fences by clicking HERE or by calling them direct at 508-404-3647 in MA, 401-942-3647 in RI or 866-364-8724 in CT.

Electric Dog Fence Training – Necessary or Not?

The internet is full of ideas, information and plenty of people’s opinions.  If you have done any research on the Electric Dog Fence to keep your dog in your Massachusetts yard, you have probably come across conflicting information.  There are people that sing the praises of the Electric Dog Fence and then there are others that have only negative things to say about the containment system.  Many of these negative naysayers believe that the Electric Dog Fence is cruel.  These negative annotations are what the media feeds on and what gives the general public the negative feelings towards the electric dog fence.  The problem with this line of thinking is those that have not been successful with the electric dog fence did not get the proper training for their dog. Confused Man

Can I let my dog loose right after installation of the hidden dog fence?

No.  This is a misunderstanding that most people have about the pet fence.  Those that let their dog out right after installation, fitted with the containment collar expect their dog to learn their boundaries on their own by getting shocked.  THIS DOES NOT WORK.  This will have the opposite effect that you hoped for – your dog will become afraid of your yard or even you if you are in the yard when he gets shocked.

Do I need to leash my dog?

Yes.  For the first couple of weeks, training your dog will entail never letting him outside without a leash.  When you take your dog out on the leash, you can control where your dog goes, how close he gets to the boundaries and how many times he gets the shock.  You are an intricate part of your dog’s training with the Electric Dog Fence.  Learning how to train your dog in the proper increments – not throwing too much at him at once will ensure the success of the Pet Fence for you and your dog.

Will the shocks hurt my dog?

No.  First, when your dog is properly trained, he will not receive excessive shocks.  You will not allow that.  The few shocks that he does receive are extremely minor and are not painful.  With the proper training, your dog is introduced to real life distractions a little at a time until you are sure that he understands.  At the first sign of fear or anxiety, you will back off, letting your dog learn at his own pace.

How long does training take?

Just like every child learns at his own pace, the same goes for dogs.  The typical training period for the Electric Dog Fence lasts around 2 weeks.  It is imperative to remember that your dog should always have his containment collar on even after the training period.

For more information on training your dog for the Electric Fence in, contact the professionals that have installed thousands of Pet Fences by clicking HERE or by calling them direct at 508-404-3647 in MA, 401-942-3647 in RI or 866-364-8724 in CT.