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ATM for Dog Training

ATM for Dogs

You’ve already got one. An ATM for your dog, that is. So you say you don’t recall installing one in your home? I hear you. You don’t remember that late night visit by the ATM ninjas secretly entering your house and installing a device that will give your dog currency with the swipe of a paw.. I get it. But you did.

If you have a supply of food, children (and probably adults too) and a refrigerator you have a built in ATM for your dog.

Dogs could care less about pieces of green paper with deceased notables on them, be it a George Washington or Benjamin Franklin. They will just as easily ignore a one dollar bill as they will a Five Hundred dollar bill. They will also be as likely to shred it if they are so inclined to that behavior.  What dog’s care about is far more basic that bucks.

Doggy currency is the “F” word… Yes, that stuff that you have stashed away sometimes in a cabinet, sometimes in the refrigerator, sometimes in your hands, or your kids hands and sometimes this doggy currency is just laying around for anyone or any dog to abscond with.. If you haven’t guessed it by now the doggy currency is Food. Food, marvelous food!

If your dog exhibits bad behavior or is not yet trained the way you would like, first take a look at ALL the sources of his food and ask yourself what is he is learning when he is getting his currency. Is he getting it for “free” or does he have to exchange a behavior for it?  After all does the ATM down the street handout dollar bills just because you are cute, funny or interesting – or do you have to get a job and earn it first?

More on dog training and doggy currencies in an upcoming post.