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Hidden Dog Fence or shock collar?

Remote CollarWhat is the difference between a handheld remote shock collar and an electric or ‘Hidden’ type dog fence? Consistency. The difference is mostly a matter of consistency, which in the training of any dog is extremely important. Electric Dog Fences provide a much more consistent and therefore a much more fair experience for the dog in training. The use of a hand held remote can only be successful if the human operating it is with the animal 24/7.  From a behavioral point of view, there are just too many variables at play for the handheld remote to be effective. If a human is there, they must always be watching out for the dog in order to ensure that the animal receives a correction every time they cross the boundary area. The operator of the remote must also ensure that he or she is consistent in assessing where the boundary is. This is understandably difficult, even for the most expert trainer.

The electric dog fence (EDF) provides your dog with a clear and consistent message, making training much more effective. With proper and complete electric dog fence training, the dog is easily able to attribute the flag boundary in your yard with the shock he or she receives when they pass it. This means your dog will begin to see the edge of your yard as the “edge of the cliff”. There are no variables. The collar will always give your dog a correction when they reach the boundary, and the boundary is always in the same place. This gives your dog many opportunities to learn where the boundary is and eventually he or she will know that their yard is a safe place to run and play, but the edge is somewhere they should not go regardless of whether their owner is watching them or not.