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Hidden Dog Fence- Will My Pet Get a Warning Beep Before He Gets a Shock?

Containment Flags

K9 Contain My Dog Containment Flags

One of the most common questions people ask about the electric dog fence is: “Will my dog receive a warning beep with the hidden dog fence collar before getting a shock at the boundary area.”

The answer to this is “yes.” Here’s how electric dog fences work:

  • A wire is buried a few inches below ground at the edge of the yard to create a boundary.
  • A transmitter is installed somewhere in your home- this powers the system.
  • Flags are placed just inside the shock area as the first warning for the dog- they give a visual indicating where the boundary is located.
  • As the dog approaches the underground wire, he will first see the flags marking the edge…
  • Once passed the flags, he will receive a series of beeps that last for approximately 3 seconds before receiving a shock.

The wire buried in the yard outlines his boundary. When he approaches the boundary the wire gives off a signal that will make the collar beep then shock your pet if he crosses it. The flags mark the inside edge of the shock area, in which the dog receives the beeps and shocks. As your dog gets near the edge of the yard, he will pass the flags and then hear a series of beeps from his collar before getting a shock.

Through training, your dog will learn that the flags, beeps, and shock work together to show him where the boundary is located.

The containment flags will signal your dog that he is at the edge of his safe area. Once past the flags he will hear the collar beep, which alerts him that he is about to receive a correction or shock.  Proper and complete training teaches your dog that being in the yard is fun and safe and going past the boundary makes him uncomfortable.