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Dog Day Care. Should You Care?

I know that most people are worried about leaving their pet with strangers and stranger dogs for a full day, but dog day care could really be a big help you and your pooch. If you are working 40 hour work weeks then your best friend is sitting at home starving for attention, exercisedog day care and brand new playmates. As your dog builds up energy sitting at home it could result in behavioral problems and excessive energy when you get home. While an electric dog fence allows your pooch to run around in the yard safely, it still doesn’t mean that he gets the attention he needs. The last thing you need after a 9-5 with traffic both ways is a dog jumping on you trying to play. Dog day care can fix these problems.

Dog day care will give your dog the attention it deserves with trained professionals looking out for each of their little clients. While some pet owners worry about their dog with strange aggressive dogs, the staff watches over the animals to make sure they are not playing too rough, and those who are repeat offenders probably won’t be welcome back. That being said, if your dog is protective or aggressive then dog day care probably is not a good choice, for your dog or others.

Socializing and exercising at these dog day cares can really wear out your pooch so it’s possible that your dog only needs a couple days a week there. This way your dog can have its fun with friends, and other days you can rest your wallet knowing that your dog is safely snoozing at home. You will be surprised at how many dog day cares are in your area so just give it a Google and reap the benefits of a dog that is well exercised and socialized.