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Adopted Dog Safety – Important tips for new owners

Claire from Swansea, Massachusetts, just got an adopted dog from a rescue organization. She asked us a question lots of new owners have:

“Should I get my newly adopted dog used to the house before I train him on the electric dog fence?”

Keeping your Adopted Dog Safe

Keeping your Adopted Dog Safe

The answer to Claire’s question is “absolutely not.” Like a child moving from one grade to the next, the expectations for your adopted dog must be set on the first day of class, so to speak. As the proud owner of a new dog or puppy, you should teach your dog the rules of his new home on day one.

By setting the rules, boundaries, and expectations for your new dog immediately, you will ensure that he quickly learns what is expected of him from his new family.

Consistency is always key in teaching adopted dogs to be safe in their new homes. Dogs are always learning and it is important that they see from the start that this new house has a new set of rules. This means that your dog is actually “in training” from day one and that he will assume that whatever is okay initially will be okay for good. Establishing rules right away does not mean that you are being cruel to your dog. It means your are teaching him what life will be like with you.

All new owners love their adopted dogs and want to pamper them a bit. This is understandable. Making your new dog feel welcome is important, but it is also crucial to his well-being that he see immediately where safe and unsafe places are. This is why it is always a good idea to prepare your home for your new addition’s arrival early! This way you will be ready to begin training immediately and can provide a smooth transition for your dog. This will make him more comfortable and safer in the new home he will hopefully spend a long and happy life in.