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k9-parthenon3The Nine Pillars of Training gradually exposes your dog to more and more real life distractions to ensure that your dog will always stay within the underground containment fence. Your dog will learn that the area beyond the flags is a total NO-GO zone no matter what is on the other side of the flags.

Once electric collar training is complete, your dog will have passed the K-9 Nine Pillars of Training and is ready for his freedom safely within your yard.

The most important feature of the K-9 Electronic Dog Containment System is the type of electronic dog collar training that your dog receives. The training is what ensures that your dog stays in your yard instead of running out to end up lost or hurt.

Successful electronic dog collar training will also avoid ‘Run-Through’ Syndrome. ‘Run-Through’ Syndrome is a learned behavior whereby a dog has mastered the ability to run through an electronic boundary swiftly to get what they want on the “other side.” Dogs learn this behavior because they are not thoroughly trained and tested with the electronic collar before being allowed to run freely in their yard. After a dog learns to run through their underground fence boundaries, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for many dogs to ‘unlearn.’

Once a dog accepts or handles a shock, and receives the reward of what they wanted on the other side of the electronic fence, they learn that their reward far outweighs the momentary collar shock of a correction. The only way to deal with ‘Run-Through’ syndrome is to prevent it by properly training the dog with the collar so they learn to stay safely within their electronic fence boundaries.

training-successPresented with an opportunity to breach boundary. To prepare a dog for distractions they’ll face, we use Incremental Distraction Training.

  • Presented with a dog outside the boundary flags.
  • Presented with a dog that enters and leaves your yard.
  • Presented with a food temptation.
  • Presented with a pedestrian walking by your yard.
  • Presented wit ha favorite toy outside the boundary.
  • A family member leaves the yard on foot.
  • A family member drives out of the yard.
  • A family member leaves the yard to greet the dog.

Professional Training

You may want to consider…

For long term success (and fairness to the dog), proper dog containment training takesinto account the personality, behavior and unique responses of each dog. Knowing when to allow the dog to receive a correction as part of electronic fence containment training as well as how many (if any) corrections a dog should receive in a training session is critical to not only the success of training but to the well being of the dog.

Animals relate what is happening around them at the same time they receive the correction – for example, the visual indication of the containment flags, and the beep tone the electronic collar emits. This is known as ‘paired associative learning.’ This is not only necessary but beneficial to long term training success. Additionally, the containment trainer becomes part of this negative association, because each time the dog receives the correction during training guess who is there, as well? Would you want your dog relating the negativity of the correction to you? Most people don’t.

Proper training takes both time and real life distractions that the dog is likely to encounter. A proven, systematic training regimen over time, such as the K-9 Nine Pillars of Training, has proven to be the most successful way to ensure long term containment success.

Long term training success vs. not leaving the yard. We use the term long term training success because often people will mistakenly conclude after a few training session that the dog ‘knows’ to stay in the yard. This initial success is not based on a dog’s KNOWING their boundaries but a generalized fear of ‘something bad out there in the yard.’ Long term training success means the dog is not afraid to be in the yard, but quite the opposite; the dog is comfortable in the yard AND also understands the meaning of the flagged containment boundary.

Our success rate is 100% for dogs we train. Over 95% of our clients have K-9 do the training. With our “Lifetime Containment & Training” Guarantee we guarantee the training of your dog for their lifetime. With our “Lifetime Containment & Training” we will train any additional dogs you add to your household FREE.

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