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What is an Electronic Pet Containment System?

An electronic pet containment system is a method of pet containment that keeps your dog safely contained within an area you designate without the need for any physical barriers. An Electronic Pet Containment System is made up of three parts: the transmitter, a hidden containment fence wire that carries and broadcasts the signal, and the receiver dog collar. Your dog wears the electronic collar which receives the signal from the wire that goes around your yard. When your dog approaches the underground containment fence wire, the signal is picked up by the collar and a high pitched warning tone is heard by the dog. In addition to this audible signal, flags are positioned in the perimeter area to provide visual cues. If the dog continues in the direction of the hidden, underground wire, AFTER hearing the warning tone, the dog will receive a mildly unpleasant shock (similar to the sensation you feel touching a metal door after walking on the carpet).

Through Incremental Distraction Training and the reminder cues of the flags and audible warning tone, the dog learns to avoid the designated area no matter what is on the other side of the containment area. The key defining factor in the success of a pet containment system is proper, professional training.