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Do we have to buy special batteries for the dog collar?

You will never purchase a battery for a Contain My Dog electronic collar! Our pet containment collars are completely rechargeable and guaranteed as long as you own them. You will never need to remember to buy, order or replace a battery again which will save you hundreds of dollars on batteries over the lifetime of the system!

How long does the training take?

Complete and successful containment training takes about two weeks, although some dogs take longer. Since the training is the most important aspect of the Contain My Dog Contain and Train system, we can’t say exactly how many sessions it will take. We work with your dog until they successfully pass ALL the training criteria including the Contain My Dog Nine Pillars of Training.

How do you train our dog?

The most important feature of our system is the type of training that your dog receives.Professional containment training is what ensures that your dog stays in your yard instead of running out to end up lost or hurt. Successful training will also avoid ‘Run-Through’ Syndrome. ‘Run-Through’ Syndrome is a learned behavior whereby a dog has mastered the ability to run through an electronic containment boundary swiftly to get what they want on the “other side.” Dogs learn this behavior because they are not thoroughly trained and tested before being allowed to run freely in their yard. The only way to deal with ‘Run-Through’ syndrome is to prevent it by properly training the dog so they learn to stay safely within their underground containment boundaries. We prepare a dog for the ‘real world’ distractions they’ll face when they are let off-leash in a yard (such as another dog, food or toys, family members/neighbors walking by or even coming into or leaving the yard). We use IDT – Incremental Distraction Training — to train and contain your dog. IDT gradually exposes your dog to more and more real life distractions to ensure that your dog will always stay contained.

Once training is complete, your dog will have passed the Contain My Dog Nine Pillars of Training. These Nine Pillars of Training test your dog’s ability to stay contained in your yard even when presented with temptations to break the boundary.