10,000 dogs safely trained

electric dog fence guarantee

Electric Dog Fence Guarantee

With Contain My Dog You invest once, and receive a lifetime of benefits. So many things we buy these days may seem like a great deal at the time. That is until there’s a problem. Then there are the additional costs… Not here. You’ll love the Contain My Dog with Our consumer happy, industry leading 7 stars Guarantee.

Lifetime Training

Your dog’s containment training is Guaranteed for life. If your dog ever needs additional help or retraining the cost to you is exactly…Free. No worry with Contain My Dog’s Lifetime containment.

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Lifetime Dogs

Life happens. Sometimes we’ll get an additional dog. Isn’t it reassuring to know that with the Contain My Dog you will not have to invest in your next dog’s containment training? The new dog’s containment training is done without charge. (Up to $700 savings)

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Lifetime Collar

The special containment collar your dog wears is critical to his safety and containment success. It’s exposed to water, snow, ice, dirt, banging and sometimes playful wrestling with other family dogs. With Contain My Dog your dog’s collar is Guaranteed for life!

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Lifetime Transmitter

The transmitter is the brain of the containment system. Your Transmitter is Guaranteed for Life.

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Lifetime Moving

When you invest in the Contain My Dog and you move (or even acquire a second home) We’ll re-install your system, re-flag and re-train your dog to his new boundaries at a significant savings.

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Lifetime Perimeter Cable

The super heavy duty perimeter cable installed with your Contain My Dog is Guaranteed for life against failure; except of course if someone decides to do some heavy duty excavating. In that case call us. All repairs are Guaranteed for life.

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Lifetime Battery

Never ever pay for a dog’s collar battery. National Brand Pet Containment companies charge $60-70 per year/ per dog for special expensive replacement batteries. Over the average 13 year lifespan of a dog that’s almost $1000 for you’ll save with each dog by using Contain My Dog!

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