10,000 dogs safely trained


Get answers to frequently asked and often unasked questions about electric dog fences. Ask your own questions about electric, underground dog fences and containment.

  • Do you guarantee the training?

    Absolutely! With our “Lifetime Containment and Training”, your system AND your dog’s training are guaranteed. Your investment also includes free refresher training if needed […]

  • What happens to the dog fence if we move?

    With our “Contain My Dog Lifetime Containment and Training” system, your containment investment moves with you! Fifty percent of what you invested is credited […]

  • How long does the training take?

    Complete and successful containment training takes about two weeks, although some dogs take longer. Since the training is the most important aspect of the […]

  • How do you train our dog?

    The most important feature of our system is the type of training that your dog receives.Professional containment training is what ensures that your dog stays […]