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Dog Training Secrets | Three Must Know Commands- Part 1

Dog Training. Does Your Dog Listen?
There are three things every dog MUST know.Three commands every dog must know for their safety and their families sanity.

Most dog owners want a dog that does three behaviors consistently. Today we’ll explore the first of the three “Must Know Commands”, define it so that we (and our dog) are on the same page. So to speak.

The First ‘command…ment’ is: (your dog’s name here)

Your dog’s name IS a command. dog-training-attention
When you say your dogs name you expect something from him. Right?
When your dog hears you say his name you get ‘something’, some response or behavior, right? So then [Read more…]

Dog Training: The Best Collar for Controlling a Hyper Dog

First there was Barbara (Woodhouse) then Uncle Matty, then David (Dykeman) Then… Victoria (Stilwell), Now Cesar. There’s also your friend Jenny who has a marvelously well behaved (notice didn’t say well trained) dog “Puck”.. The wonder lab who miraculously brings back anything, absolutely anything you toss, throw or hurl on land or into the water. There’s also your Uncle who had a dog that seemed to know exactly what you Uncle wanted and sat waiting patiently until your Uncle gave “the” command or even ‘the look’ that signaled the dog to do/get something amazing… So many ‘experts’ so many well behaved dogs.. Except maybe yours..

You would like, ok, desire, ok crave a well behaved, trained dog so you get a book, or manyDog Training Collars books; “Cesar’s Way: Be the Leader of your pack..” or “The Art of Raising a Puppy” by the New Skete Monks, or “ 7 Days to housebreak your dog (Revised Edition). You get a clicker, you get a remote control, then you get a choke collar until you find it doesn’t work well so then you get a pinch collar. You hate how it looks (you refuse to ‘pinch your dog to train it) so you get a different type of choke collar one that advertised to “Make your walks with your dog as easy as power steering”… 

And it all gets you, well…. More confused. 

You get a dog harness. Looks great on the dog in the advertising picture until you find its more difficult to put on your dog than doing Origami and writing Haiku’s simultaneously. Then your friends friend recommends a head halter, you know the one that looks like a muzzle – you hate how it looks- but you think, “ok, I watched the video and it Works like a hot knife through butter- amazing- until you try to put it on the dog. How do normal people do this? You have to have a calm dog to get one of these put on- you blurt out to yourself.  After all if you need a calm dog to utilize one of these then you wouldn’t need this device for controlling out of control dogs. Oh the craziness of dog training contraptions!

So, what is the best device for controlling a dog? Well, as dog trainer I love, absolutely love questions like this. Short answer: It depends. Real answer: If there was THE answer then we likely wouldn’t be continually asking the question the answer would be as obvious as breathing air is to most living creatures. “What should I use then to control my dog” well it depends it really depends. Unfortunately a specific behavioral  ‘symptom’ does not usually equate to one answer. Calling your doctor asking for a prescription when you have a sore throat may seem like the logical thing to do. The good doctors know that all symptoms (insert specific dog behavior here) do not always equate to the same treatment.  So the best solution to a specific dog ‘problem’ is to consult a professional dog trainer. Not just any dog trainer but a trainer with  behavioral training expertise. 

More tomorrow with: “Finding a good dog trainer. What should l expect”

Dog Training- Because Your Dog Looks at You it Doesn’t Mean He Understands

One of the things we like most about dogs is their response to us when we talk.

Response? Yes the look we get from our dogs when noise comes from our mouth. Looking at usAttentive Dog_K9 Contain Train with a caring look we are soon hooked. We feel our dogs actually care and are interested in  what we have to say. We made them, after all, instant ‘members’ of our pack, our family. OK, its not just noise, its when we tell our dogs how cute they are and they tilt their head in understanding, right? Its when we say their name and they look adoringly at us- that is when nothing more interesting has their attention.

We talk, they look. We *Think* our dogs actually understand us. Fast forward a bit and we actually NEED our dog to do something like move out of the door when we are carrying in the groceries or come to us when at the park, or they are in the yard- OUR YARD-and its raining and muddy and we need them to come inside then they suddenly become deaf. Deaf, totally and completely deaf. It happens in an instant and we become mad, irritated, ticked, pissed that our loving dog, aka family member is suddenly giving us the ‘middle’ paw by ignoring us. We KNOW she hears us. She is choosing to ignore us that’s why were mad.

The Woofing Truth..

Now please Sit DogMa, and DogDa..

Sit, Stay loving dog owner. What follows is the dog’s honest truth about what your dog knows, and understands when you speak…

The simple answer: Not much. The air expulsion you preform that coincides with your dog looking at you is because your dog, in that moment, has nothing else that grabs his attention. You are probably in close proximity to him, In a place very familiar to him (inside your home) where there are not many or no new distractions (at the moment) so when you say his name in a pleasing tone he turns and looks the way we look when a magazine falls from the table when we’re alone.

Remember this: because our dog looks at us does not mean he understands us. Dogs ARE cool, The ARE great family members precisely because they bond with us, hang with us (most the time). They pay a lot more attention when we speak then say squirrels or chipmunks. The fact that they often look at us when we speak is part of their conditioning over thousands of years to be part of our pack. Being part of our pack is no slam dunk that they actually understand, really understand what we are asking of them in the moment. Whether dogs truly understand us is in the moment is a reflection of their training.

Next segment we’ll explain what proper dog training REALLY is, and what, for example, “Sit” Really means to your dog.

Steve Schwartz has been a behavioral dog trainer since 1991. Having helped thousands of dog owners to have better relationships with their dogs through helping people to understand how dogs think and ‘training from the dog’s point of view’. Since 1998 Steve has put his training know how into helping keep dogs safe in their yard with the Contain My Dog Electric Dog Fence.