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Sharon Dog Park- Sharon, Massachusetts

The Sharon Dog park is located between Lake Massapoag and South Main Street, right next to the Deborah Sampson Park. When traveling down south msharon dog parkain street, turn onto East Foxboro Street and follow the road for a few hundred feet until you see baseball diamonds on your right. There will be tennis courts on your left and that’s there the parking for the dog park is located.

The trail to the dog park is next to a large graffiti-ed wall, the signs are frequent and will show you the way. The trail is actually the Sharon Exercise Trail which is great for a walk with the dog. The trail includes dog leash hook ups along the way so if you need a rest your dog won’t run off.

At first glance it is obvious the park well cared for, with a lot of signage and a brand new fence. It is a large enclosed park that allows dogs of all sizes to get the exercise they crave. The ground is completely covered in mulch and has a small hill for the dogs to run around or sharon dogsjump off of. Unlike most parks, there are many trees which provide a lot of shade all around the park. This benefits both you and fido. However, your dog probably does not appreciate the fact that there are multiple benches like you do. There is a small dog section which can be reached through the back of the main section. It is rather small and unimpressive but for those who are scared to let their dog ruff house with the others this is a necessity.

The Sharon dog park has the amenities needed, such as poop bags, empty trash cans located in all the corners of the park and the hard to find running water spigot. The park recommends you bring your own drinking water for the dog and asks patrons to not wastespigot resized 600 too much water, but as I saw, its perfect for hot days or when your dog gets muddy trampling through the trail. Unfortunately there are no lights to illuminate the park at night, but its only open from dawn till dusk. This means that you will have a harder time getting your dog some exercise in cooler months.

The patron’s love this dog park, claiming to be one big family. They say that everyone gets along and the dogs are always under control. This group of dog lovers can donate a recommended dollar a day in the donation box or online. The Sharon dog park is a wonderful spot to bring your pet, and I can assure that both you and your dog will leave happy. Check out the park for yourself and leave your comments below!


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Newport Dog Park- Newport, Rhode Island


The Newport Dog Park is in a very accessible spot just over the Newport Bridge. Once over the bridge take 138 East towards Fall River and Cape Cod, shortly you will take the Admiral Kalbfus ramp and continue until you hit a rotary. The first exit will take you past a U-Haul newport dog parkcenter and your destination will be on the left.

The Newport Dog Park is right next to 138 so it is easy to spot while driving. On the other hand, having your dog play right next to a freeway is rather nerve racking. The upside to this is the fact that it is never too dark because of the lights from the road. The parking is simply a dirt lot alongside the park but since the park doesn’t seem to get too busy, it fits the purpose.

The fence that surrounds the park appears to be quite old and weathered, with a fair amount of rust along the top. While this is obviously a hazard to people, there are also a few holes that would allow dogs to escape, something that needs to be addressed. Newport Dog park has two sections, one for large dogs and a much smaller section for small dogs. Each has a double gate leading into it which is especially important with the road so close by. The park describe the imagealso provides trash cans, a few benches, and dog poop bags to clean up after your pet. A few chairs have also been left behind so owners can have a seat while their dog makes some friends. However, with only a few over hanging trees in both sections, there is little shade. This shouldn’t be a problem for those who come in the early morning or evening, but for those who visit mid-day, beware the heat and bring your own water because this park lacks a running water spigot.

The patrons do seem to enjoy the mulch which was put down by the town. It allows the dogs to play on a surface that gives and they won’t get too dirty. The park overall is a good space for your dog to run around, but it doesn’t seem to be as popular as other parks so if you are looking for a bunch of dogs to socialize your pup, you might want to look elsewhere. Newport Dog Park meets the needs of a dog park but offers few frills. Head on over and check out the park and tell us what you think below!

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newport dogs


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South Kingstown Dog Park- South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Located off route 1 and 108, next to the Broad Rock Middle School, South Kingstown Senior Center and the YMCA, the South Kingstown dog park is easy to find. Just drive to the Senior Center off of Broad Rock Hsouth kingstown dog parkill Road and turn onto Road. Behind the Senior center are baseball fields which you will drive past to reach the dog park. Signs will help guide your way. The parking lot is paved with plenty of space for busy days, a good indication that this is a popular place to bring dogs.

The dog park is down a small hill and the shape is reminiscent of the baseball diamonds you just passed. Like most dog parks, there are two sides: one for large dogs and one for small dogs. The large dog side is about twice the size, for good reason. The wooden fence is brand new and has chicken wire on one side to prevent the little dogs from slipping out. Like many other dog parks, South Kingstown has double gates to both sides, but since this park is so large it has two double gates for each side. The park has surprisingly well kept grass with small sections of both sand and gravel, all of which will ensure your dog doesn’t get too dirty while playing with friends. There is also a smattering of large rocks your dog can jump off of and trees where he can catch some shade.small dog side south kingstown

The south Kingstown dog park has other important features like trash cans and poop bags to ensure the area stays clean. The local community loves the park for its cleanliness, spaciousness, and the good company. Unsurprisingly, many people travel across the state on weekends to visit this beautiful spot. You might want to show up earlier to grab a spot on the bench under the tree in the small dog section.

The one complaint I heard about the park was the lack of lighting at night. While the long days of summer have enough light, in the fall and winter when patrons’ want to bring their canine companions after work, it is too dark. I heard no mention of the lack of running water and dog bowls left behind. This crowd doesn’t seem to mind bringing their own supplies. In case there are toys left behind theredogs playing is a bucket which urges patrons’ to clean up after themselves.

The South Kingstown Dog Park is accessible, spacious, clean and quite beautiful so I suggest you take the trek over on the weekend and then tell us your impressions below.

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